the herd

It’s Officially a Herd!!!

Dirty Buffalonians!!! It brings us great pleasure to announce that The Dirty Buffalo on Colley Ave is no longer the lone Buffalo in the Herd!  As of yesterday; we’ve got the keys in hand for location #2 and we’re already busy getting it up to our standards for opening prior to the upcoming Football Season!  For those that aren’t aware, the new building is located in East Beach on Little Creek Rd & Shore Drive.  Get excited Hampton Roads, we know we are!

Also, tonight’s “Flavor of the Week” is Bay of Fire dry rub!  Featuring a blend of Old Bay seasoning and Habanero’s, this rub is definitely going to light your taste buds up.  Wednesday Wing Night includes $.65 Bone-In & Boneless wings, runs from 5-7PM and is dine-in only. Remember, we also do Thursday night Boneless Wing Night from 5-7PM.