pumpkin spice

Wing Night “Flavor of the Week” – Pumpkin Spice’d Rum

We’ve got another seasonal Flavor of the Week for you guys!  Fall wouldn’t be complete without doing a pumpkin sauce and we’re sure that our Pumpkin Spice’d Rum sauce will “leaf” your tastebuds in a pile of happiness.  Featuring a combination of FRESH pumpkin, Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and seasonal herbs & spices, this sauce is the perfect compliment to the cool weather.  Make sure to get in tonight and give this one a shot.

For those who missed our post yesterday, we’ve made some changes to wing night.  It’s now split up into TWO nights (Wednesday & Thursday) but the hours are cut to 5-7PM both days.  Wednesday night you can order Bone-In or Boneless, Thursday is Boneless only.  The price is still the same, $.65 and dine in only.  If you come in tonight, you will be entered in a drawing for FREE WINGS FOR A YEAR!