margarita buffalo

Flavor of the Week – Margarita Buffalo

IT’S BACK!!! To celebrate National Margarita Day, this week’s Flavor of the Week is… Margarita Buffalo!  Those uninitiated, Margarita Buffalo is a sauce we’ve done numerous times over the last few years and it’s definitely a staff and customer favorite!  Featuring the bold flavors of a traditional Buffalo sauce, lime zest & cilantro, this sauce is sure to make your palate happy!  If you’ve never had the privilege of experiencing this sauce, make sure you make it in this week. Wednesday Wing Night includes $.65 Bone-In & Boneless wings, runs from 5-7PM and is dine-in only. Remember, we also do Thursday night Boneless Wing Night from 5-7PM.

Wing Night “Flavor of the Week” – Margarita Buffalo

This weeks “Wing Night Flavor of the Week” is… Margarita Buffalo!  In keeping with the trend of bringing back a few favorites before the big move, we’ve selected probably our most popular weekly sauce for this weeks flavor! Margarita Buffalo is a buffalo based sauce with fresh lime & cilantro to tone it down a little.  This sauce is limited to 6 per person and is sure to sell out, so get here early to try it!  Wing Night runs from 5-9 PM and features $.65 wings (dine-in only).