Flavor of the Week – Strawbanero BBQ

This weeks “Flavor of the Week” is… Strawbanero BBQ!  We’ve brought back another TDB favorite this week in our Strawbanero (Strawberry & Habanero) BBQ sauce!  If you’ve been a customer for awhile, chances are you’ve had this one at some point.  If you haven’t, then make sure you get in here because this one won’t last!  Wednesday Wing Night includes $.65 Bone-In & Boneless wings, runs from 5-7PM and is dine-in only. Remember, we also do Thursday night Boneless Wing Night from 5-7PM.

Wing Night “Flavor of the Week” – Straw-banero BBQ

Wing Night is here again and the Flavor of the Week is… Straw-banero BBQ!  This one is an oldie but a goodie and definitely a staff & customer favorite!  The mixture of Fresh Strawberries & Habanero’s, combined with our signature BBQ sauce is a combination that can’t be beat!  If you’ve never had this one before, make sure you make it in tonight to try it… And if you haven’t been to the new location yet, what better reason to make it in!  Wing Night runs from 5-9 PM and features $.65 wings, dine-in only!