The Flavor of the Week – Strawberry Chipotle

This weeks “Flavor of the Week” is… Strawberry Chipotle!  Summer time is here and the strawberries are ripe for the pickin’!  We added a little bit of heat to the strawberry sweetness and we think it makes a great wing sauce!  This one will be limited to 6 per guest and is available only while supplies last, so get in here tonight and give it a whirl!

Wednesday Wing Night includes $.65 Bone-In & Boneless wings, runs from 5-7PM and is dine-in only. Remember, we also do Thursday night Boneless Wing Night from 5-7PM.

Wing Night “Flavor of the Week” – Chipotle Mumbo Sauce

This week’s “Flavor of the Week” is…. Chipotle Mumbo Sauce!  We decided to do a spin on a Chicago staple sauce this week in honor of the Cubbies potentially taking it tonight in 7!  For those that are unfamiliar, Mumbo sauce originated in Chicago and is a sweet & tangy sauce, similar to a BBQ sauce but we added a little bit of a chipotle kick.  Make sure you get in here tonight to try this one, it won’t last too long.  We’ll also have tonight’s World Series game 7 on with surround sound!  GO CUBS!!! Don’t forget, we now have 2 wing nights, Wednesday (bone-in & boneless) & Thursday (boneless only) from 5-7 PM.  Wings are reduced to $.65 per wing on wing nights and are dine-in only!