beef on weck

Monday Night Football Special – Week 9 – Bills vs. Seahawks

DIRTY BUFFALONIANS!!! We’ve got something special for you for tonight’s game, but first we want to “Circle the Wagons” because we’re looking to fill the restaurant for the Mannequin Challenge and we need a packed house to make it happen!  To entice you to make it in, we’ve got BEEF ON WECK and our delicious Cajun Buffalo Chicken Dip, in addition to awesome drink specials!  While we love a traditional Beef on Weck, we decided to put our own spin on it that you’ve got to try.  The Cajun Buffalo Chicken Dip is served with fresh tortilla chips, this is an appetizer you’re sure to love!  As usual, these items are in limited quantities so make sure you get in here to try these dishes, you won’t be disappointed.  If coming in for the game and to take part in the Mannequin Challenge, we’re going to attempt it during a first half commercial break, both specials begin at 7PM.  LET’S GO BILLS FANS, here’s our chance to go viral!

Friday Night Special – Beef on Weck

DIRTY BUFFALONIANS! Boy do we have a treat for you this week! Since the Owners are up in New York, we decided to bring a little taste of home to you! We’re cooking up some Beef on Weck for a very special Friday and you don’t want to miss it. Starting at 5 PM we will have a very limited amount of this delicious Buffalo favorite (limit 1 per person), so get here early to make sure you get one!