backyard bbq

Wing Night “Flavor of the Week” – Backyard BBQ Sauce

This weeks sauce is one that we’ve sort of kept to ourselves for the last few years, some of you may have even been lucky enough to try it at one point!  We decided it was time to let it out for the masses and we know you won’t be disappointed!  Our Backyard BBQ adds an awesome chargrilled flavor and crispiness to the wing, that’s unlike anything we’ve done before.  It’s also served with a small side of house made Spicy Chipotle sauce for dipping, so get in here tonight and give it a try!  This sauce is ONLY available tonight and ONLY on Bone-In wings.  Wing Night runs from 5-7PM, features $.65 wings and is dine-in only. Remember, we also do Thursday night Boneless Wing Night from 5-7PM.